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Debt Review Awards Peer Review

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Debt Review Awards Peer Review Nears Completion

Over the last few months the Debt Review Awards process has been underway. Credit Providers, Debt Counsellor associations , PDAs and Attorneys as well as industry experts were consulted in regard to the Awards process and an enhanced process was launched in April 2016. The awards criteria against which participants were also further refined during the build up.

At the beginning of May 2016 a Peer Review system was launched to draw information from and about various parties in the industry. This peer review process (where members of the industry are able to help evaluate their peers through an online system) allows for a wider range of NCR registered parties to have a part in the process. It essentially allows for an industry wide ‘panel of experts’ rather than a smaller group of +- 30 panel members such has been utilized in the past. By allowing all NCR registered parties to participate from their own unique viewpoints it also allows for diversity of perspective to be taken into account.

No participant has been able to rate their own performance or that of their competitors. As usual no members of the public (non registered parties) have been able to participate in the outcome of the industry awards.

A Few Days To Go

Members of the industry will be receiving the last few links to the various Peer Review categories this week. Then in the following week the Auditors (BKF) will analyse the results. The final results will be announced at the annual Debt Review Awards Gala which will be held in Cape Town this year. The Gala will be attended by Debt Counsellors, Credit Providers, PDAs, Attorneys and members of Government (incl the NCR). On the evening the Top 5 companies in various categories will be announced and the ultimate winners in the different categories will receive their golden piggy banks.

Want To Attend?

Those Debt Counsellors who wish to attend can contact their DC associations in regard to seats. Each association receives a number of seats which can be allocated to members.

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